South Beach Diet

South Beach diet, pioneered by leading American cardiologist, Dr Agatston is one of the best health supplements which can reduce your body weight up to 13lb within two weeks. In addition to that, the diet is also claimed to bring more weight loss experience in your body if it is taken under prescription. The diet is a great solution for those suffering from obesity like syndrome and want to lose weight.

Originally, the South Beach diet was developed by Dr Agatston for patients suffering from heart disease. It was later when he experienced positive side effects of the medicine in terms of weight loss. The diet not only improved the condition of the heart patients but also reduced their weight at significant amount. According to Dr Agatston, the diet is based on theory of GI (Glycaemic Index), which focuses on maintaining equilibrium of carbohydrate and fats into the body.

One of the salient benefits of eating South Beach diet is that it can bring remarkable reduction from your body weight. According to science, whatever foods we eat get broken into shreds inside the body causing accumulation of sugar in the blood thereby prompting the pancreas release insulin to remove the sugar from blood. Foods enriched with high Glycaemic index increase sugar level in the blood thereby prompting more release of insulin from pancreas glands causing great reduction in sugar from the blood.

Subsequently, the body feels hungry thereby prompting you eat more. Now, your body starts getting weight if the cycle of excessive insulin release continues inside the body. Understandably, it will prompt you into overeating thus causing unnecessary weight gains to your body.

On the contrary, foods with low Glycaemic index release sugar slowly thereby supplying balanced energy into the body and subsequently making your body feel less hungry. Understandably, you will get rid of overeating eventually. Hence, foods with low Glycaemic index are recommended by doctors and this is exactly what South Beach diet entails.

The South Beach diet has also three phases like other diets available in the market. The phase one involves maintaining equilibrium inside the body between blood sugar and insulin. The phase two involves making your body fit until it gets target weight. Third phase involves keeping your body weight steady for lifetime. At first phase, you’ll experience 8-13lb weight loss in the first two weeks, which will increase around 1-2lb a week once you enter the phase two.

Conclusion – South Beach diet can render remarkable weight loss advantage to your body. It will keep your body weight steady for long-term - weight loss san jose. This could indeed be a good diet to follow.